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What is this site about?

Being a Christian at university is not about surviving, it's about thriving!

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Survival Guide —
Greanbean Cars. Get there greener

Samuel Fisher, Founder and Managing Director of Greenbean Cars kindly gave us an insight into his background and how he has developed a successful, si...

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A Climate of Hope? Image

Survival Guide —
A Climate of Hope?

So, you’ve met that geography student in the bar, telling everyone how the world is doomed because of climate change. Or perhaps you are that ge...

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Survival Guide —
Shop under one roof

Where shopping is concerned, Leeds is the place to be. There are a ridiculous amount of shops in the compact city centre, high street and independent ...

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C.U. —
Leeds Met CU

We are a bunch of students who are all very different and individual but have something in common - we love Jesus. We want to live and speak for Him i...

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Church —
Bramley Baptist Church

■ Massive Welcome to all Students - including University of Leeds & Leeds Met! We are up the road from KIRKSTALL BREWERY Halls. Come & suppo...

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