Sign-up Terms & Conditions is a freshly developed facility that enables students and newcomers to Leeds to freely discover and easily connect with churches and campus based christian groups. It's vital that students get quickly plugged in to local church and to join with other students in order to realise the opportunities that further education can bring.

The readily accessible church directory is a leap on from the church handbooks previously provided for freshers (which i found invaluable when i arrived in Leeds just three years ago). There is also an exciting survival guide and profile pages for the christian unions and international student groups all constantly available online and easy to keep updated to provide information on events, places, and contacts.

It will allow students to communicate with churches, each other, Christian Unions and other organisations.

This is a fantastic time to get involved and join with other churches around the city in welcoming students.

In response to feedback we have changed the way our annual fees for churches work.

Congregations of up to 50 — £90pa
Congregations of 50+ — £180pa

What do I get?

  • Regular front page Feature; The dontjustsurvive™ homepage features five 'feature boxes' of which one randomly selects a church from the directory and displays one of your images and a section of your description.
  • Detailed Church profile page. Including:
    • — Description
    • — Additional information
    • — List up to 6 upcoming events
    • — Google map
    • — Church Type
    • — Link through to your website
    • — Link to your social media (Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter)
    • — Church meeting times
    • — Add up to 6 images to your profile

Your annual fee also enables us to offer Christian Unions and groups a free, full featured group listing.

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Congregation size Cost (£) Select one
Under 50 £90
Between 50 and 100 £130
Over 100 £180

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