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A Climate of Hope?

So, you’ve met that geography student in the bar, telling everyone how the world is doomed because of climate change. Or perhaps you are that geography student. What’s your response - try to forget it? Try to disbelieve it? Is your church or CU guiding you on how to respond to such important matters?

One would hope so, since the global church surely has a vital role at the forefront of society’s response to all important issues, setting the standards as well as providing hope. Many churches are already leading the way in the fight against climate change by joining together in campaigning, prayer and practical action. Others are asking important questions:
— Where does climate change fit in with the Bible’s picture of the future?
— How can we reduce the carbon footprints of drafty Victorian churches?
— How can we change our own lifestyles without becoming joyless Pharisees?

It is with these questions in mind, that 4C Leeds (Christians Combating Climate Change) has organised the ‘Climate of Hope’ conference, which is coming up on 12th March at South Parade Baptist Church, Headingley (10-3.30pm). The conference will feature keynote speaker Sir John Houghton (former chief of the Met Office and co-chair of scientific assessment for the IPCC), as well as a range of workshops covering everything from the theological to the intensely practical, led by representatives from Tearfund, Christian Aid, Arocha, Breathe and local churches. There will also be an exhibition featuring green businesses and organisations. Students will be particularly pleased to know that the conference will be completely free (although we will not be providing lunch- tea and biscuits only!).

If you would like to find out more, or to register your interest in attending Climate of Hope, please see our website,

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