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No matter your age, everybody loves a discount, big or small they're always welcome. Here are some purely for students...

Student Beans -
For exclusive student offers, advice, free stuff and more, student beans are all about helping students get the most for their money. You will need to register with them, joining with their 250,000+ strong community but it’s free, so there’s nothing to lose.

Student Cards - If you’ve got a student card, this could be a university card, or NUS card, then hundreds of shops offer around a 10% discount if you ask. So be a bit cheeky, ask in every shop you go and you’re likely to make a huge saving. Note: Most shops won’t advertise student discounts even if they do offer them, so be sure to ask anyway.

Railcards - If you’re likely to travel around the City/Country on the train then its well worth buying a young persons railcard. It’ll cost £26 per year but will save you 1/3 on fairs across the country. Travel from Leeds to London and you save more than £26 so you recoup more than the price of the card in just one trip! Plus - there are various deals to be had with your railcard, check out the website for discounts in loads of your favourite shops. You can get them in most railway stations (you will need to take a couple of passport photos - Leeds City Centre railway station has a photo machine inside). You can also apply online for the railcard at Alternatively if you sign up for a student bank account with Natwest they often throw in a free 5 year railcard.

Student Coach Cards - Similarly, if you see yourself travelling by coach across the country, why not save yourself 30% with a National Express Coachcard. They cost £10 per year or £25 if you sign up for 3 years.

Bite Discount Card - 20% off food + drink at railway stations. This handy card can be slipped out when you’re feeling a bit peckish waiting for the train.  Check out for all the current discounts.

A Night Less Ordinary - for all of you cultured students out there, this is a great opportunity to do something a bit different with a night out. If you’re under 26 then you’re eligible for free theatre tickets in various theaters in Leeds and as a matter of fact, all across the country. Click here to find out how.

Haircuts - feel like theres so many things that have to change when moving? Well Leeds hairdressers make it all whole lot easier with some phenomenal discounts around and about.  Some that you would be crazy to miss include:
50% off at Rebel Pin Up (formerly ‘The Box’) Monday-Wednesday
45% off at Ego Hairdressers Monday-Wednesday
25% off at Remedy Hairdressers Monday-Friday.
Bargain! Just don’t forget your student ID.

To save on your phone bills check out: This is the website that will provide you with cheaper alternative numbers.

Here’s to a happy bank balance!

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