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Leeds Market

Skint? Want a bargain? Then there’s no better place than Leeds Kirkgate Market.

Situated near the corn exchange and the bus station, there is a combination of indoor and outdoor marketplaces. The gothic style building was erected in the 1800’s, costing £8,469. There are now over 600 stalls, including specific sections of the market which include:

— Farmers Market: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, 9am-2pm.

— Butchers Row: the finest cuts of meat at low prices.

— The Game Row: similar to Butchers Row but with a few specialities thrown in.

— The Fish Market: does what it says on the tin.

— The Open Market: many a bargain to be had and you might even manage a bit of haggling! Leeds Open Market is where Michael Marks started his first penny bazaar in 1884, which would become what we now know as good old M&S.

Every market day has different traders
— Monday: Second-hand clothing
— Tuesday: General retail trades
— Wednesday: The Bazaar (Asian themed products - Speciality Market)
— Thursday: Flea market and general trades
— Friday/Saturday: General trades

Not to forget the wealth of stunning haberdashery and fabrics…perfect for a spot of fancy dress creativity.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 9am — 5pm

The market saw the introduction of some brand spangling new stalls in October. Leeds Council launched an entrepreneur initiative, providing businesses a chance to start their own stall. Check out Leeds City Council website for more information on Leeds’ Markets.

The Leeds Markets website is where you can find the specific locations and names of the various stalls, traders, news, recipes and more!

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