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There’s definitely something for everyone here in Leeds when it comes to a night out, so there’s definitely no excuse for staying in. This is by no means an extensive list of what to do and where to go but I hope it will get you thinking and encourage you to check out some of those nights, and places, you might otherwise have dismissed.

With so much going on it would be easy to get caught up in all the hype, but to avoid spending your entire loan within the first week it’s probably best to be selective in where you decide to go out. Mix it up a bit. There are so many choices of bars, clubs, live venues and a massively diverse range of music to be enjoyed.

Centralbeats this year is offering free entry to their night on a Friday at Mine, LUU. With a good mix of dubstep and drum & bass, and a quality sound system this is worth checking out. Momentum and Ruffage, at Wire, also come highly recommended for those fans of dubstep and drum & bass.

New Bohemia at the Faversham always has a wicked line up of names, crossing all genres including some live music; Basics at MyHouse offers some quality names in the techno scene; while the O2 Academy plays host to some of the bigger names in music from live artists to club nights.

Heading out of the centre there are several places with nights going on. Beaverworks offers a free bus from Hyde Park centre and a great warehouse vibe. The West Indian Centre in Chapeltown is to be checked out at least once if only for the immense bass vibrations. Take some ear plugs though, if you value your hearing, oh, and make sure you get a taxi there and back, it’s pretty gangsta round there!  Victoria Works is another one for big line ups hosting the likes of Deadmau5 last year, and if you can get past the overpriced drinks, massive crowds and portacabin toilets you’re likely to have a wicked night!

For those more in favour of a less bass-filled night out, there are many places to head to:
The Smokestack is an alterative venue I would recommend as somewhere which often has good live music. Though the drinks might not be your crazy low prices as found in some places the clientele is less students and the music is generally less commercial. The Brudenell social club in Hyde Park offers both cheap drinks and great live gigs, some being heard about only through that infamous grapevine. Arcadia in Headingley boasts a great selection of beers, ales and lagers for those into that kind of thing.
A great way to end one week and start the next is HiFi on a Sunday night. With that much desired free entry this night can only get better, and it does, with a mix of soul, reggae, motown and live music you can’t help but dance the night away.

Mixing socialising with a love of all things musical BPM DJ and Clubbing Society is a great place to meet fellow students with similar interests in all types of music. They meet every other week in the terrace at LUU and generally have an open decks, open music policy - a great chance for those aspiring DJs.  Check out for more info.

If money is an issue and in short supply after a fun-filled freshers week, but you are still in need of your weekly fill of good music then house parties are the way forward and if you’re looking for a decent house party in Leeds, look no further than our very own Hyde ‘party’ park! Where there are students, there is also bound to be a buzzing house party scene. Leeds is no stranger to the delights of the unofficial house party dynamic. Many go to great lengths to temporarily transform their homes into rave worthy night clubs. Understandably, many deposits are lost! Leeds offers the very best of dark, sweaty, cramped basements with DJs serving up heavy bass-lines. A variety of thumping music is on offer; from dubstep to breakbeat to minimal techno. So whatever your bag, then these unofficial open house parties can cater for all your musical needs.

On many occasions the streets of Hyde Park, Headingley, Burley and other peripheries have been paced, only to stumble across a pearl of a house party. Always advisable to check out facebook events to see what’s going on near you. Word of warning: As good as it is to rip up the dance floor /living room, it is always advisable to go with friends. All the usual safety advice at such events is to be adhered to. Let’s bring the kingdom of God to the Leeds student community where they’re at!

If I could give just one piece of advice, to end, it would be to check out a variety of nights. Even those nights you’d tend to pre-judge as being ‘not my kind of music’ could just turn out to be something you love and with so much going on no week need be the same. University is definitely a time for broadening horizons, seeing what’s out there and getting involved.

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